The M & M Trials Scoring System.

The first piece of news is of course that we have gone on-line. I hope that people will find it useful being able to keep up to date on what is happening with the trial, and to be able to sign up on-line.

The big change to the trial is that we have an open start time. A number of riders had told us that what they really could use is more time. Not only to walk the sections and then ride, but also to take a break or two while they have a drink and get their breath back. We couldn't really add any time at the end because of the barbeque so we thought that we would add it at the beginning. You can start anytime after 10:00 am. As long as your score card is in by 4:30 pm you will be in the results. We hope that this will make a more enjoyable day for you.