Rider's Meeting.

Hello and welcome to another Richford Trophy M & M Trial. Here is all the information that would normally be given at the rider's meeting before the trial begins. You can telephone or e-mail Mike or me if you have any questions. Our contact details are on the flyer.

The trial is being run on the same rules as previous years. Number one being to enjoy yourself.

There are 2 loops of 20 sections. Start time is 11:00 AM, finish time 5 PM when the Chicken barbeque will be available. This year there is also a Trophy and prizes for the first three places for riders only attempting one loop

The trial is self scoring and No Stop. No stop means no stationary hopping, no rolling backwards, and no stops of more than 1 second. As long as what you are doing keeps you moving forwards you are alright. Be honest with yourself for the benefit of the other riders.

Each section has 7 gates for a total of 10 points.That is 5 gates worth 1 point (including the FINISH), 1 gate worth 2 points, and 1 gate worth 3 points.

The rider is allowed to dab during the section, but each dab deducts 1 point from the Gate score for that section. Zero is the minimum score for a section (there are no negative scores).

A gate can be used in any direction, but only once, and the point is awarded when entering from the direction of the markers.

White tape marks the section boundaries. Caution tape is used for the loop to clarify direction.

Total your scorecard and hand it in at the barbeque site when you have finished the trial.

Section 11 can be viewed from close to Section 8 to save having to climb up from the start markers. If you do not want to ride it mark 0 on your scorecard and take the split to Section 12 at the end of Section 10.

There is bottled water at Sections 8 and 20.

At the end of the trial PLEASE DO NOT bring your vehicles down to the barbeque site as there is not enough parking.